If cost was no factor, what system would you build as your main audio system?

I realize there are some, who frequent this forum, who already fall into that category, but for many of the rest of us, even though we are quite happy with the systems we’ve built, maybe our dream system, if financially possible, would be something other, or more, than what we now have. What components do you now have and (if finances and circumstances, within reason, was no factor) what components would you add or change, to build your dream system?
We all have individual tastes and likes in music and different ideas of what audio components would most satisfy those likes - so, without being critical of someone else, lets throw out some ideas....Jim
I'm not sure about anything else, but I'm pretty sure Maggie 30.7s would be there.
@secretguy I am with you on the Maggie 30.7s.
I now have the little 1.7s, that I am very happy with. When finances allow, I am planning an upgrade to the 3.7i, but the 30.7s along with an adequate listening room and some nice gear to run them, is at the top of my dream list...Jim
If cost were no object I would build a large concert room addition on my home and hire professional musicians to play regularly. Classical, Jazz, Rock, whatever.

HA! No one thought of that!
I did, I was thinking I'd just book the worlds best String Quartets  for a week at a time .
@1extreme I don’t know if my head and ears could handle the shear volume of a live rock band anymore, but wouldn’t mind trying for a while. light Pop, Classic Chamber and Jazz, I think I could handle.

@schubert Live String Quartets, I could handle for sure.
Sometime back, in the area where we lived, was a large, very old, Catholic Cathedral, with some of the most wonderful acoustics I’ve ever heard. About twice a month, the Community and Local Catholic Diocese would invite String Quartets or small Chamber Orchestras, from around the North West and Canada, to come and perform at the Cathedral. Definitely, some of the most memorable and beautiful, small venue, live acoustic performances I’ve heard......Jim