If cost is not a problem

What MC phono cartridge do you recommend?
You would get a more meaningful response if you could list your turntable/arm/phono stage. It would still be confusing, but might be more meaningful than just a list of what cartridges members are currently using, which is usually what they would recommend.
Dear Donaudio: In 06-29-08 you start the same kind of thread for speakers where you receive 30+ posts and where you not respond ( give an answer ) to any single one.

Which are your thoughts with this similar thread? which speakers do you buy that time you ask?

regards and enjoy the music.
Jan Alearts MC2 Finish Goldwire.

But since I don't know your gear it is pure crap shoot.
Hi Raul: I am using Merlin VSM-MXe driven with Joule electronics. My current TT is a WTT Reference with Benz Ebony. As soon as it arrives I will try a Kuzma Stabi Ref TT with the new 4 point arm.ICs are Cardas and PCs are Cardas and Lessloss.
If you don't like your cartridge, I suspect that it is not set up correctly. There are many cartridges that do other things better, but the Ebony series is top notch.
The usual suspects would be the Transfiguration Orpheus, Airtight PC-1, the Lyra Titan or Olympus, ZYX Universe, Dynavector DRT XV-1s, etc... What are you looking for soundwise?

Are you open to changing cables? Cardas is famously rich and velvety but not as open as many. My own approach would be to aspire to neutrality with only slight leanings towards any preferences I might have rather than to editorialize down stream with cables such as those.
Dear Donaudio: Good.

I agree with Stringreen about your Benz cartridge.

Now, IMHO more important that " if cost no object " are which are your music sound priorities and the analog rig you own specially the tonearm that seems now it will be the Kuzma one and you have to take in count the critical link in the analog chain named Phonolinepreamp.

About this Phonolinepreamp it is important to know its overall gain because ( for example ) if you choose the Allaerts MC2 Finish ( that is a very good performer and one of the best out there ) you need a lot of clean/accurate/non-distorted gain because the Allaerts is a very low output, so there are some subjects around that you have to take in count other that " no cost object ".

My advise is that try the Benz on the Kuzma and see what " happen ". Now if you want other options there are too many and not only MC ones but on the MM type too.

Btw, very nice system you own.

Regards and enjoy the music.