If Caveman Had Stereo

We're lucky to have many choices in stereo equipment and music, but if those had been available to cavemen, what type/brand of gear would they have owned and what kind of music would they listen to? And what bands might be their favorites?
You will find the answers to your questions if you watch the FlintstonesĀ 
cavemen have potential to build very nice stereo or even recording studio because of echo-free room.
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The cave would likely need room treatment, but Mammoth fur wall treatment could cover the wall paintings so that would need to be carefully applied. Also the resale value of the gear would be diminished by exposure to cave smoke.
^^^ Blue Cheer! Music by real Neanderthals. Their version of "Summertime Blues" is about the worst thing I've ever heard.
What would primitives listen to?

Early Hafler amp with Bose 901s.

Bada Bing!!!