If Audiophiles care about sound, then why so few threads on acoustics

... and so many on cables?

I am sure there are 10 if not 50 times more posts on cables too?

I would hope that as audiophiles we could agree that acoustics are far more important than cables. A cable may (or should) make a fraction of a db change. Acoustics can make several db changes (or more).  A cable may have some impact on clarity or soundstage (and many can rightfully debate that). Acoustics absolutely will have an impact on soundstage.

So what is the reason? 
  • Is it because acoustics are "hard", i.e. you really have to put some thought into it? 
  • Are acoustics not sexy enough? 
  • Is it because they are often unattractive?
  • Is it because they carry much in the way of bragging rights (at least with many audiophiles)?
  • Do they not provide enough "retail therapy"?
  • Most audiophile really don't understand much about acoustics and can't contribute?
  • The difference between those who understand acoustics and those that don't is substantial for people are fearful of wading into discussions?

Interested in people's thoughts. People will drop thousands on a cable, $10K on an amp, or turntable, but I don't see anywhere near that spend on acoustics in most cases.
+1, @twoleftears. 
+1 gosta. The same trickery at audio trade shows. "Best of Show" ... is like an ugly dog contest.
Like system building, you gain knowledge and discover your likes in regards to sound by trying things in acoustic treatments--some you will like and others you find you went the WRONG way.  Lots of reading  helps, but not as much as the experience when trying out something new in the room treatment.  


Heaudio, you are absolutely right. I don't even visit the cable topic. I'd loose whatever hair I had left. Having the ability to measure and graph your acoustic environment is a real eye opener. Bass can easily change 10 db in just a few feet. 99% of a systems sound quality is due to the speakers in combination with the room. 

Identical frequency response can sound completely different if one isn’t paying attention to noise. The biggest gremlin in modern times is plugging direct to a router. And no Cat 7 cables are trash and merely add more noise in. I’ve heard this personally, it can take a system from tons of bass to 0 bass despite the fact an RTA says bass is there. 
Two speakers can sound completely different in the same space. Goldenear vs Zu for instance don’t sound remotely the same even in the near field even. 
Some speakers need ideal conditions while some are so musical, room treatments don’t matter as much.