If Audio bug never hit you, what hobby might have?

OK so I am bored and curious.
I always wanted to try RC high performance airplane clubs,
but my disability doesnt let my neck move anymore (hard to fly model airplane if ya cant look up!) Although this hobby costs a ton more than the RC flying would, but I bet some have a ton into all their stuff too. OK so there it is lets see if this thread can "Take Off"
I think id be in a bar chasing girls!!,hmmm,id probably have a nice little home recording studio,im sure whatever it was it would have to do with music ,,
It's a great question for those who can be serious. Although I might just be collecting somethign else, like more art, if high end equuipment did not exist, I would no doubt attend more concerts at Lincoln Center, go to all the Mostly Mozart concerts all summer, etc.
dear Crest,i was being serious!use less starch in your shorts,peace ,
I'd be all over the Hummel figures and Hello Kitty stuff (mostly the backpacks and t-shirts).

i would be throwing money at racing sports cars on the weekends. with the audio bug, i just leave my sports cars stock and don't race on the weekends.
Photography, in which I actually do dabble. It's got the same equipment-for-art's-sake motif with a little more personal input/involvement.
Same for me as Jameswei - photography - and for the same reasons. If I'm feeling active I go out and shoot. If I'm feeling sedentary I stay home and spin tunes. Interestingly, I used to be a died-in-the-wool analog guy in both hobbies, but am now exclusively digital in both, though it took photgraphy a bit longer to get there.
I'd spend more time in fetish website's...probably collect WWI helmets.
Other than that I can see myself getting back into collecting/trading marbles at some point, I always found that relaxing.
I'd take up sleeping. I hear it's pretty awesome...

Failing that, I'd probably put a band together and go back to playing the local circuit.
I would own my own airplane.
Audio has saved me from previous (years ago) extensive forays into sex and drugs. So, without it...who knows?...might not be here.
I probably would still be married.....even lost last girl friend over the hobby. Maybe I SHOULD HAVE taken up more drugs and sex !!!!
I was lucky, I really didn't have to sacrifice much for this hobby. With the extra disposable income I probably would have bought better equipment for my other hobbies (photography, skiing, old wood boats, and travel) and would have read a lot more during the quiet hours instead of listening to music.
I don't recall hitting anyone?

I'm also into photography, but audio is where most of my $$$ goes into. If I wasn't addicted to audio? I would probably have a couple of D-SLR cameras along w/ many Canon "L" professional series lenses and running around taking 5000 pictures/day. Well, I do that already, but w/ lesser equipment.
I think I would have been a Sumo Ballarena for the Cuban Opera. Doing the "I Love Lucy 3rd Movement with the Ricky Riccardo Bongo solo" Or maybe a lawnmower guy.
Yes, audio certainly does save us from sex, doesn't it...

Probably because we're all fat and ugly from too many hours in 'the chair'!

I'd get to drive a new car! After 7 cars in 8 years I've had the same one for 4 years now and it's 12 years old! And... I might even have a few more mounts on the wall.
I would have added more computers to the already bourgeoning network of routers, hubs, servers in my house.
Actually, I have three long-term "rotating" hobbies: (1)audio; (2)motorcycles (particularly Harleys); and (3) Photography.

After spending several days/months/years (and $$$) obsessing about upgrading the audio system, to the point of reaching the sensory overload stage where you scream "no more tweaks!" I simply go into the garage and figure out what modifications my motorcycles might like/need. Then I spend the next few days/months/years (and more $$$) working on motorcycles. Once I reach the saturation point with motorcycles, I move on to upgrading camera equipment (even more $$$) and taking more photos.

Then repeat.

It's like taking mini-vacations from one's obsessions..... by obsessing about a different obsession.
I love Language. I love diaries, letters- biographical and autobiographical material. I love all forms of verbal and non-verbal communications, and it has always been an interest and pursuit of mine, even I have never really put it into any official form- hobby or profession, and even as I havent any real aptitude for it. I love social histories- cultural studies, even those that have to do with work place environments. Where do people fit and what language do they use or must they use in their position and in that place. That sort of stuff interests me, is as close to what a hobby is for me. Music is a form of communication and audio is communicator, and so its not difficult for me to see what my interest in this might be beyond my interest in a more "capable" system, or the lust I have for audio gear in general.
My other hobbies are riding my road bike, going to dog training class with Lucy, my Jack Russell puppy and occasionally picking on one of my guitars. I was in a situation a couple of decades ago when I did not have a proper room for a good audio system and I played my guitar a lot, wrote songs and did home recordings.
Think about it 'reeds. How many times have you read where someone wrote how much they love "this amp or that cable". And how many wives or girlfriends have said "when are you coming to bed?" only to hear "right after this song...two hours later". Now I'm not saying audio has replaced sex, just that it gives me much less time for "drug-induced" sex.;))
Boy if I had a dollar for everytime I said "sure honey be to bed after this song, this CD"....oh man
It's almost the same thing but a HUGE TV as film is my second passion, maybe first depending on the day.

Ray, don't give us printers a bad name now, I can not find any women slow enough for me anyway......

put most of these responses together and youd have a fat ,ugly,harley riding sex addict sumo junkie with a Hummel figure on the handlebars wearing a WW1 helmet singing old Ricky Ricardo tunes in 3 diff. dialects and snapping pictures of everything,with his wife trying to call to tell him hes running late for the symphony!hee hee
Cars. To be more specific, Muscle Cars.
The auto hobby has bit me hard, which explains my lack of activity here as of late.
But im coming close to making out the performance of my 04 Mustang GT without voiding the warranty, after that im sure ill be back here.

until the warranty expires and i get a supercharger and gears.
I see there are a few of us printers here go speedmaster!
Raytheprinter - It's not a pretty picture you paint. Thank goodness for audio if that's what we'd be doing otherwise.
hey Chad,we will have to swap some stores!ill email you a bit later,Ray
Cool to see how many here share one of my other hobbies - cars! Like audio, we all seem to have our perspective on the other hobby too... I like working to tweak them, particularly on hanndling and low-end acceleration. Have 3 and looking to add a 4th soon... Right now, my baby is a full Dinan S2 of the E46 M3 including new Dinan wheels (9 in wide front and 10.5 rear) and all-around brembo 14s plus ALL the dinan handling and engine tweaks. Can't wait to get the supercharger in when it is launched late this year - ~550hp in such a light car should be truly ridiculous! I can't wait.

I go back and forth whether auto or audio get more money. Lately, auto but...

OK, I gave up. or shared several..

1) Bicycling...road now as my knees won't tolerate mountain, though they spin like mad on my Seven!

2) Cars... I love the older muscle cars, but prefer something moderately powered an LIGHT!! I used to build the original RX-7's, and they were fun in their day.... avoid the '79 distributor unless you want to file and regap points hourly once you build them!!

3) WATCHES!!!! I just love 'em!!! Own several, and add to the collection when I can...... currently shopping for a new winder... Anyone got an Orbita they are looking to get rid of???

4) Kitchen.... yes I am working on the next upgrade... love to cook, and it kills me that I don't have the kitchen for it..... hopefully for less than the price of my stereo I can get this where I want it.... pot rack included, as is raising the ceiling (I'm 6'7" tall...)

OK, so I guess I have enough of them.......... I seem to make it to work every day though, though now my capresso C1000 died, so coffee is now an issue......
kennyt..you got a good life my friend!

I would be into cars more too, but my neck hasnt moved in 3-4 years so kinda hard to drive 'em, work on 'em, or hell even watchin one drive by! lol
Woodworking. I have always loved the craftmanship of a good piece of furniture or trim in a home. My small shop gives me a lot of pleasure.

Something that involves a high level of neurosis