IERC Tube shields?

Anyone ever use these instead of tube dampers, tube sox, o-rings, etc. Consist of metal cylinder with finger springs inside, mil-spec for shock resistance. I have some Siemens that sound nice in my VK3i, but one of the four is microphonic and I wanted to try something like this out.

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If these are the old tube shields for military gear, I tried them on my preamp and phono stage last year. The ones I tried were very firm fitting, and had to be pressed on the (6922) tube with some force, compared to tube sox.

On my equipment the sound was somewhat compressed and over damped sounding compared to no dampers at all. Could be that because I was happy with the excellent NOS tubes in the circuit, there was not place to go but down with the test.

I might add that other brands of tube dampers have been removed from my system as well. I once believed in them and have now come full circle, finding that select tubes with no dampers at all is the best way to go.