IeGo Power Connectors

There is very limited info on these connectors on the internet and there is only really a few outlets that sell them. I have heard that these plugs are on-par or better than Furutech and that the owners of the company are ex-Furutech employees. These connectors look like cheap Chinese knockoffs, but is this really so, or are the looks deceiving?  They are obviously much cheaper than Furutech. 
Thanks for the info. Yea, the price difference is enormous between Furutech and IeGo. I was wondering if they were a bargain, but usually you get what you pay for.

I have their silverplated copper power cord plugs on all my gear. I found this plug and iec plug to be the best I have tried. They beat Furutech plugs easily. I would like to try their copper/ silver/ rhodium plating ones. But the cost is out of the question. 

I have used the un-plated copper IeGo 8055 on many cords. Due to me having a hearing condition known as Hyperacusis, most plated power plugs and receptacles sound too bright to me. One thing that I have found about the copper plugs is that they can have a very forward upper mid-range depending on the cable being used. Also, Lessloss is using the Iego gold ends on their cords.