IEC to a 2 prong-wire amp

I dug through some of the old threads until my eyes were aching (**) but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Has anyone here installed a standard female 3 point IEC into a amp that originally only had a lamp cord style 2 prong, wire? If so is there some place on the inside for the neutral pin?

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I'm still playing around with this idea. I am wondering if the silver solder at radio Shack is good enough. I thought maybe down the line I might want to tweak something more expensive. Also has anyone tried the new battery operated solder gun?

I'm thinking for buying the IEC from Audionut. is there a difference in quality?
Sounds simple enough. I do have lots of power cords that are collecting dust so might as well put one to use. I would like to know if the IEC is coded so one will know which end is which?