IEC Retaining Kits

This is for IEC connector users for powercords.....personally i dislike IEC connectors, especially when connecting to the heavier cords. Gravity & horizontal forces of Evil tend to dislodge or near breaking contact from the equipment plug side, possibly contributing EMI/RFI noise, i suspect. All too frequently need to tweedle and check the back connection. Do you have this same problem? If you do, fear not there is a professional solution available :) Replacement (rewireable free type) IEC sockets made by Bulgin or equivalent do make fabulous stainless steel Retaining Kits and flanges which designed to be installed to the equipment inlet plug. This is my own experience with Bulgin brand IEC conn. The retainer kit has a specific catalog no. to mate with the particular free socket fitted to the powercord. All my Bulgin IEC connections that i have replaced are now secured by such kits. This by far, is one of my most visually and electrically satifying tweak. They are extremely inexpensive. Do check up Bulgin or others. I can now sit back and really enjoy the music, rest assured these forces of evil don't mess up my 'cord connection ever again. :) MHO that High end audio equipment designers must do away with this mass market conn. and come together and agree on a common Military type connection system which are self-secured by screwed cap retainers on assembly. Price is no object to audiophiles on this very important issue IMHO. Phil.
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Iceraven, I got the same problem. Do you have more info as to where I can find these IEC conn.
Spamaway Iceraven, I have the same problem and external supports have a tendancy to negate isolation products. I am a born rigger but if the price is right always prefer to have someone else design and build the rig.
These retaining kits are ridiculously simple, a single solid steel wire arch loop (shaped of the free socket), both ends swivel-pivot to screw posts. The screwed posts replace the two existing fastening screw on the equipment power inlet IEC recepticle. You need not replace anything else. I purchase them after seeing them in a catalog from Farnell Components here in Singapore. I think they are also available from RS components or similar electric/electronic stockists. It should cost less than US$5. The best chance of a good-fit is to check with the stockist the same brand of the IEC free socket you intend to buy for fixing your powercord. His catalog should show the matching retaining kit. The brand I bought from Farnell is Bulgin, the only one available. Try for the catalog online or search engines for IEC parts. I hope this help those with same problem i had. I you're need manufacturing ind. towns your chances of gettin them is better. Tk-109.... I have to sell you 10 thousand pieces to pay for my petrol, if that is what you implied in your post. You owe me any apology.
Thanks for the info Iceraven and get rid of that SUV.