Idiot Newbie question

I feel like an idiot for having to ask this...

What's the proper way to use my carbon fiber brush on my records? I'm new to vinyl and don't have anybody to teach me these things...

I have a Hunt EDA brush, if that means anything.
With the LP spinning, using very light pressure, hold the brush on a line from the spindle to the outside of the LP for a couple of rotations. Then, give it a light "flick" to remove the particles that don't cling to the brush. Do it again if you see any dust remaining.

I like to do the above both before and after playing (gets rid of anything before the LP goes back in the jacket.
I don't know if it does any good, but I started sort of shaking my Clearaudio brush from side to side while the record rotates. I then change the angle of the brush towards the edge of the record to, more or less, steer the dust towards the edge. I still think that my Discwasher brush did a better job since the edge on one side was wet with fluid and you rock it as the disc rotates to dry the record with the other part of the brush. The fibre is orientated, like those clothes brushes that pick-up dirt only one-way. I have to get more D whatever the number now is liquid and it appears the larger bottle is no longer sold. One has to settle for an eye drop sized bottle, kind of annoying. Word of caution: don't use any excessive pressure on the carbon brush while itÂ’s on the record, it can't do the belt much good. Belt driven tt are low torque, remember. Good luck.
You have to be a little careful with the Hunt brush. As Consttraveler said, a very light touch. Until you get a feel for it, basically just use the weight of the brush only, using your hand just to guide it.

If you push too hard while sweeping the stuff radially off the record, the pad in the middle will smear stuff across the grooves and may even scuff the record. It's a great brush but handle with care.

BTW, I find a lint roller excellent for cleaning the crud off mine. Not the kind of lint roller with peal-off sticky layers, that might leave glue on the Hunt. This roller has a permanent surface that you wash to remove the lint. Works like a charm.
I went to a thrift store and bought a a couple of 50 cent record that are scratched like no get out so I can work on this without ruining anything crucial to me. I'm also going to use it to try some home brew wet cleaners I've read about here on audiogon. Thanks for the advice everyone.
Try the RRL fluids. Better than any homebrew.
Allow the brush to lightly sit on the spinning record for a couple of revolutions in a radial position. You just want the brush bristles to contact so that they will trap the surface dust so that it can be swept away. Now slowly move the brush in a straight line off the toward the edge of the record while staying gently in contact with the playing surface. After the brush clears the edge of the record, gently touch the brush to the arm or headshell to neutralize any residual static charge and then use the cover of the brush to flick off the dust and make it ready for the next cleaning.

After about 100 cleanings or so I wash the brush with a microdrop of dish detergent and lots of distilled water then rinse several times in distilled water so that minimal residue remains. I do this becuase I have noticed that generic dust seems to have a hydrophobic content to it, like grease, that accumulates with time. The last thing I would want would be to add back sticky stuff with the brush after I've vacuum cleaned the record with Record Research vinyl wash on a VPI 16.5 machine.