Identifying Speakers made by Sunny Cable Technology H3W18 Majestic or H3W15s

I am in contact with the owner of a pair of Sunny cable Technology speakers, and am having a bit of trouble verifying which version they are. They measure as the H3W18 Majestic by dimension exactly. We found some paper work indicating they may be the H3W15s model, also. The cable input on the back of the speaker does not, however, seem to match the H3W15s. The woofer size measures 18" in the cutout, but the cone itself measures around 16.5". With the limited availability of information, I was hoping for some help in identification. I have attached a few pictures. I did send an email to the Sunny Cable Technology email, but have not had a response. Thank you for your help! And yes, those are Behold amps.

They're about 6' tall, definitely in line with the height of the majestic. I measured about 73-74" tall. Not the easiest to get a measurement since the shape is odd. I'm 5'10" and they're taller. 
I would reach out to Sam Laufer of Laufer Teknik. Please keep us posted on what you find.

You looking to purchase these bad boys?
I'm helping the owners decide what they want to do with them and the Behold amps.  They're moving, and deciding whether to keep or move one from them.  I'll be emailing Sam Laufer, thank you!
Confirmed to be h3w18. Thank you
Amazing equipment! Glad I could help.