Identifying a Tube Stereo Amp?

Given a stereo tube amp and trying to identify it. Have no idea of the age but guessing late 1970's to 1980's. There is no model number on it. The only identifying thing would be it's logo. Wish I could post a photo of the amp and or logo but not sure I can. Anyways, the logo is, what appears to be, two upper case T's, slanted, with the second one inverted. Their top lines are attached so that it could be a T and an L. Separating them is a back slash line. There are also lines within the letters going from almost solid on the left to very thin on the right. The color of the lettering is gold.

Inside the amp, there was a hand written serial number on the chasis done with a Sharpie? The amp has 4-EL84 tubes and 3-6GU7 tubes.

Any ideas or places to go to find out? Thanks.