Identify High-end DCM speaker

A friend says that his mom has high-end DCM speakers, but he doesn't know what model. He says they are about 5' tall with wood caps on them and angle back.

Any idea what model that might be?
are they the Time Windows??
Sounds like a pair of TimeFrames.
Time Window, Time Frame...I knew it was something like that... ;-)
On the back, down by the speaker terminal, they usually have the model #. If they are rectangular, they are Time Frames, if they are an oval shape in the rear and the front being two flat panels, they are Time Windows, which was a very good speaker for the money in its day.
Wow, these are some old responses. I have a pair of TimeWindows and TimeFrames... loved them both. One speaker of each pair needs a fairly minor repair, but I'm just not the guy to do it.