Identify a Resistor in an Audio Research PH3

In just acquired an Audio research PH3

It came with two nice looking Vishay load resistors - But I can't identify them.

They say 


that's all. I can find a stat sheet on VTA55 - but the B9T15 isn't enough for my magic decoder ring..any ideas?

Um, why not take them out and measure??
No color code? I have a PH 3 SE. It is something like 20 years old and absolutely wonderful. I have no plans on replacing it. Simplicity at it's finest. All you need is a selection of Takman 1% 1/4 watt metal film resistors. . Take off the bottom cover at the rear to the left of center you will see four soldering posts two for each channel. With no resistors on them the load is set to 47K.  
My magic decoder ring agreed with your findings. Only a spec sheet for the VTA55 and nothing for the B9T15. A quick call to ARC support should yield answers. 
Looks like you're missing part of the marking.

Google Vishay VTA Series
OK, thanks folks - I guess I will need to take them out and measure. can't figure out why the markings would be so incomplete!
Part of the marking may be hidden on the underside.
No need to completely remove.
Just take one end loose and measure. 
OK, I have found the missing markings - it had almost completely rubbed off 2k0000 .5% so it looks like they are 2k ohm resistors, which is pretty weird as the manual calls for resistors that are under 10ohm? I have a hana sl and am shooting for 600-800 
As I said in a prior post, shoot an email or call to ARC Customer Support and see what they say.
At this point all you need to do is remove the 2K resistors and solder in your resistor of choice. If you want to be precise google parallel resistor calculator and use 47K as resistor 1 and and say 700R for resistor 2 and it will calculate actual load. 
ARC supplied different value resistors to cover common loads for LOMC cartridges.