Identification Help - Tannoy Type HF/200/20L

Hi all,

My first time posting here, so hello. I'm trying to get more information on a Tannoy Type HF/200/20L tube amplifier. Supply is 200/250 volts- 40/60. It's copper in color and has two KT66, one 5U4GB, two KR 616C 16MFD 600 WV RED POSITIVE BLACK NEGATIVE CORNELL DUBILIER.

The color is metallic copper and the condition appears to be good with few scratches/blemishes. There are two of them.

Any advice on where to find schematics, history and value would be appreciated.



I can't help with ID'ing your amps, but google Hilberink's Tannoy website. If you can't find the information there, you can post the question on the Tannoy Yahoo forum, it's worldwide, someone will know about your amplfiers. They are most likely rather rare. I hope this helps.

Thanks Dan,

I've posted in the Hilberink's forum. Looking at Yahoo next!