ideas.... Suggestions

I'm looking for advice on a fully automated TurnTable.  I have a few of the older ones
like a Garrard Zero 100, but they are for looks, I don't use them, but do maintain them.
Just like everything, my Zero 100 collection is just that a collection. Sound wise they
are pretty bad. Actually real bad... Silk purse, sow's ear, thing...

I was looking at Thoren TD240 II.  This is for a person with great hearing but very
limited mobility and mostly her left side.  We both laugh it's a little rough on the vinyl
every now and then.. This will make it easier, but they insist on quality. 

Thoren Supper 160 (I think) and a Shure MM cart. 
She uses a Denon 103 MC cart too.
MR-7 speakers

Maybe not the most up to date, but it sure sounds good.  

Any other ideas on Fully automated Turntables...

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this type has very simple controls accessible when the dust cover is closed.

it is not only direct drive, it is quartz locked, so no speed adjustment is needed as it warms up ...

I forgot one thing. She has a LOT of 78 mono. She get in one of those Big Band, Jazz, moods and it may go on for a couple of months.

She has a Thoren TD124, not a TD 160. It's all set up. Just can’t do the head shell swap and stuff needed to do both mono and stereo. She is a one handed wonder, though.. She tore up a pretty spendy MM shure cart.
Going auto, no changing her mind, now.. 

Says she’ll teach the dog to swap the carts.. Hamster, rabbit, whatever works.. :-)

When my daughter was five (early 80’s), I bought her a clamshell Technics, like this:      They can still be found.      Ortofon makes a compatible cart.      and:      But- no 78 RPM.