Ideas? PowCords for deHavilland GM70 SETamps

My system is about as complete as I could want it. Some tell me Power cords make a huge difference. Hopefully someone with experience w/ S.E.T. amp could lend me a hand. These are 50 watters. They currently are using Zu Mother power cables to a Sound Application Power Conditioner. Source is APL 3910 (tube output) CDP direct to them. Zindak Gold speaker cables and Green Mountain Continuum 3 speakers.
Thanks in advance, Tom
I have had great success with Purist Audio Design Venustas power cords on the dh amps in one system and in a defferent system, I prefer the Nordost Vishnu - go figure! It would be best to give them both a listen if you can.
You could try the Foundation Research LC2 power cords with in-line conditioning. I've used them on my Wavelength Tritions and they sound very good. I also like the Elrod Signature series, but they're serious money...
What PC are you using on the APL? That's where I would put the effort first, if you've not already done so. With the amps, I've had excellent results with the Z-Squared Elite I cables, which can be had on auction or used for around $250 each. I'm using them on a pair of 50W triode monoblocks, and after a week of break-in, they sound open and relaxed. I've tried maybe 4 or 5 other PC's, up to the $800 price range, and I find the Z-Squared to be the most 'absent' (read: transparent) of the bunch.
You might also try putting the Zu PC's on the amps and running them direct to the wall. I have found our SET amps to generally sound constricted by conditioners. It may be worth a try, just to see what you think.
Best of luck. That's a very nice system you have, by the way.
I've had good results with Audience Power Chords on my Antique Sound Labs 1009-DT 845 monos (60w/ch).

That said, I recently switched to Silent Source power cords and couldn't be happier. They present a quieter background than the Audience cords. Also, there's more air and definition in the mids and highs. These aren't huge changes, but they are noticeable when you compare the Audience and Silent Source side by side.

6ft Audience cables are approx. $250 here on A'gon. 6ft Silent Source cables are approx $375.

Two great power cords, two different prices. Hope this helps.
Thanks! It's funny you say that about direct to wall. Thant is what George said at deHavilland. He said they thought conditioners sometimes took away from music. Steve (smilin) also told me to consentrate on P.C. for APL 3910.
Thanks for your comments.

Jwpstayman and Gliderguider
I will do some research on your suggestions. Thankis

We have the APL 3910 as well, Tom. The Electraglide PC's work beautifully on source equipment. We're running a Mini Khan Plus, and might try the Ultra Khan or Epiphany at some point. The Michael Wolff cords are excellent as well, though not quite as open sounding as the EG in our system.

Oddly, with our SET amps, the only conditioner-like component that has worked well is the Aural Thrills Power Box. Can be had for around $100 used/on auction, and our SET amps sound a bit more relaxed and airy when run through that box. Our 50W triodes are running directly into the wall. We've tried perhaps five other conditioners, as well as the PS Audio P-300, and found every one of them to smooth over the music. Try direct to the wall and please post your thoughts once you've had some time with that configuration.
I can tell you that I went from Zu Cable Mother to VH audio Flavor 4 and enjoy a considerable upgraded sound. Great cords for a bargain price!
I got my Bel Canto SET40 plugged into the wall with a VH Labs Flavor 4 and a Virtual Dynamics Nite on my source. I like what I'm hearing! Big, open sound!
I have always found a good isolation transformer helps on SET and OTL amps. A shielded PC is preferred, IMO. I use the Pure Note PC, FWIW.