Ideas on table/arm combo for Miyajima mono cart

I have a Miyajima Premium BE Mono cartridge. It is a low compliance cartridge that works best with a high mass arm. I am looking for suggestions on high mass arms/table combinations that might work well with this cartridge. Thanks
I would suggest the Thomas Schick arm which is sold by OMA. It is designed specifically for low compliance cartridges and is reasonably priced at around $1500 new. Go to the OMA website for more info.
As an aside Miyajima now make the Zero, their top mono cartridge which can be used with medium mass tonearms which you might want to consider if you have an existing arm that allows for quick cartridge changes via changing out the arm wand or headshell.

IMHO, the turntable is not really part of the equation other than, obviously than the better the turntable the better the sound. The Schick mentioned above can be mounted on virtually any turntable that can handle it's length. Did you have a price range in mind?
I am a big fan of Moerch tonearms, which have removable armwands that can be of different effective mass. Mehran at Sorasound imports Moerch and carries Miyajima carts, so he could be of assistance in matching arm and cart.
FWIW, I use a Miyajima Kansui, also low compliance though not quite as low, on an SME M2-12R, mounted on a Nantais Reference Lenco. This 12-inch arm gets little attention but is quite good for low-compliance cartridges and SPUs. Basically, it's an updated version of the old 3012R with improved bearings and wiring, and a VTA thumb-wheel (crucial, to me). The 16-gram Ortofon LH-9000 headshell works very well on this arm with the Kansui. I've also tried this cartridge on a Phantom II, Tri-planar VIIuii, and Clearaudio Universal arm but the SME was the clear winner, IMO.
The Miyajimas work very nicely in a Reed 3p. I used to run the Shilabe in my Reed. The 12" ebony/cocobola come in at around 19g effective mass.

You could also go for something even heavier like fidelity research, Schick as mensioned, Ikeda, Dynavector.

As for tables the world's your oyster !
TechDas Air Force One with a Seiki Max 282 should be a proper match for that cartridge
I am using a Trans-Fi Terminator air bearing with the latest fixed head arm wand, and extra brass weights to increase wand mass. Works very well for the Zero.
Thomas Schick arms arent that great, most high end Regas have better features and sound as good as one could expect in that price range. In fact the Miyajima will work very good with most high mass arms. SME 312 works great for me. 
I agree with Darkmatters about the Schick.  I owned one for a few years and tried it with a number of cartridges and headshells.  Despite all the hoopla the Schick just doesn't sound all that good.  I replaced mine with an Analog Instruments Siggwan which is a unipivot with a 12" cocobolo wand.  The Siggwan sounds much better.