ideas on all the mods offered on jolida amps

Was wondering if anyone had experience with any of the mods for the jolida 302b? I am intrested to hear if the improvements are worth the $. How much is the bass improved? Is any thing positive lost from the orginal sound. Is just changing the stock tubes an improvement enough? If so what are the recommendations? Thanks John
Remember, the more mods you do, the harder it is to resell. Try rolling tubes first. The stock ones are not so great. Try new svetlana or Golden Dragon or old stock telefunken or Mullard.

Do you think that's true about re-sale? I would think, and can see in the classifieds, that if someone reputable does the mod, RAM, Underwood, etc. that the ability to sell wouldn't be hindered. I think that self-modding anything as well as any type of speaker mod's become hard sell's, but componenet mod's done by someone as listed above shouldn't be a problem. On the contrary I would say.

To be honest, I had mine modded into a 302b/305b convertable, so it could run all three types of tubes (6550, KT88, EL34). I got a new volume control, cardas wiring, new caps, soft diodes... the upgrade didn't do as much as I'd hoped. I still found the sound to be a bit on the warm, soft and fuzzy side. Imaging may have improved a slight bit. I noted these sonic characteristics on 3 sets of speakers: triangle titus, proac 2.5, and Spica 60's. If you want more info, email me directly.
Wow, Peter, that is quite an indictment on mods. You are backing up what I have often repeated. Not long ago, a fellow was blaming me for his Jolida's poor performance. My praise for the stock Jolida influenced his decision to buy one, only he decided to get a modded one. Of course, I would have nothing to do with it.
No one giving praise to the benefits of the mods, makes me think that I should look at either stock a jolida or if I am going to spend the money at something like the Unico or solid states like musical fiedlity versus an upgraded jolida. Thanks for the input any other ideas would be appreciated.