Ideas for short interconnects.

Anyone have any idea where I can get short (less than meter or .5 meter) interconnects. I want to change the stock jumper running from ny Nad c320bee amp/preamp.
If it's a permanent connection, why not just open the box and connect the wires internally in the shortest path possible?
Otherwise, for very short distances with grounded external barrels (of the jacks) there is no major difference between jumpers.
Insulated barrels are a different matter and you'll do well with a short twisted pair soldered to decent connectors. I offer these and I'm sure many other manufacturers do too.
1/2 meter is quite short. Keep in mind that some cable are not flexible.
Those are called jumpers and some cable manufacturers make them, Audioquest I think. This may make a significant improvement, there are threads here and/or on Audio Asylum that discuss the immense improvements jumpers like this make for the highly reviewed Creek 5350 SE.
Alternatively, there are small cable makers that advertise on Audiogon that might make a special order set for you.
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I am using a half meter Poiema by Ridge street and have it turned 180 deg. no problem.Rigid but very flexible
Make your own, or contact some small builders (such as VH Audio) and ask them to make a custom pair.
VH Audio will sell you a half meter pair. I purchased a set from them at one time. They are flexible enough for your needs. As previously mentioned the RSAD cables will work as well.
Music Direct sells AudioQuest jumpers that you are referring to

Also, Tara Labs
I also have an integrated amp with pre-outs. Does this make a difference versus the stock jumpers? Phil Brady.
Phil Brady,
About twenty years ago I had an integrated Marantz amp with a 2-inch jumper. As an experiment, I replaced the 2" jumper by an extra high-end 4-foot interconnect I had on hand. The improvement was HUGE. I left the IC in until I replaced the integrated amp with separates 5 years later. To maximize synergy, try experimenting with several short ICs.
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