ideas for purchase, please

I'm looking for a pair of speakers in the $1500 price range for the pair. Playing through a Peachtree Nova. They will be in a big fairly bright room (lots of hard floors and big windows). I'd like the speakers to be slightly warm in sound. All of your suggestions are welcome. Thanks - Howard
Sonus Faber(especially the Toy Towers)!!!I've just NEVER heard voices & instruments portrayed the way the SF's do!Everything has such body & presence,sometimes it can be almost surreal listening to them!
I have your Nova's littlest brother,the "MusicBox" driving Toy Monitors in my computer audio system & the combination never ceases to satisfy!
Look for a used pair of ProAc 1SC's. Easy to buy and sell, especially if the sound does not really appeal to your ears.
Zuu Audio Omens go great with Nova
It's not likely you will get warm sound in that room.