Ideas for new Turntable

I have a Linn LP12 Valhalla / Ittok LVII, 18 years old. This unit has never had one problem since I have owned it.
This turntable is incredibly musical but so much has been achieved in the phono world since. When I bought it, Sota was a new company and the status of Oracle was unclear so I went with the Linn mainly because of the great Linn dealer (Gene Rubin in L.A.) at the time. However, I did hear the Goldmund Studio against the Linn and the Goldmund was such an incredibly musical product. Oh my, I would have loved this but it was so darn expensive at the time. But just as the Linnies say what a great difference their beloved turntable does in comparison to others, the Goldmund was yet another milestone above.

Now, after upgrading everything else in the system, it is time for one more turntable upgrade. I have no desire to add all the bandaids to the Linn as this is clearly a dated design. And I would really like the bottom octave that the Goldmund and my CD playback have that the Linn does not.

So does anybody have any ideas on where to go here? The Basis, TNT MK V, Michel Orbe, or even a used Versa Dynamics 1.0 or 2.0? Each of these is in the $4-5k range so anybody have experience on the strengths of these vs. each other and the Linn as well? And what's the prefered arm here...VPI JMW, Wheaton or Graham?

I tend to be more out for the warmth and bloom and ambience rather the last word in information retrieval. The rest of my system is ARC PH2/LS5II/DAC3II/VT130 and Maggie 3.3 with Velodyne ULD18. Cables are NBS and SilverAudio.


Hi John.
Using the Studio as a clue to your taste: VPI, clearaudio, S. Yorke (price?), could be added to your list. Arms: I like the Graham (can't comment on the others) and would add the Morche -- very versatile.
A used Goldmund could also fit the bill -- IMO, NOT with the T3 arm (effected by cable weight, hence quasi-impossible to set-up well).
As to bloom... I find that many contemporary TTs go for resolution & information retreival. But then, the cartridge could play the sonic "mediator" role... let's say, a Benz or Lyra, rather than a mega$$$ clearaudio "insider".
Good luck!
Having heard the Linn LP12, Transparent top-of-the-line and the VPI Mark IV and TNT and having bought the baby Yorke, I would recommend that you check the Yorke tables out. Two products with differnt price points are offered. Good luck!
how much do you want fro your Linn?
i choice would be clearaudio revelation with tangentiel arm