Ideas for making a soundproof box for MacMini?


MacMinis are quiet, but they have a fan, and that fan makes noise that is audible from the listening chair.

Ideas for a simple soundproof "box" (if I recall correctly, in cinematography this is called a "blimp") and soundproofing materials that in combination still allow for the Mini to "breathe" adequately and eliminate the fan noise?

Something that is cost-effective would be nice.

Your ideas and experience are appreciated,

:) listening,


The MacMini is very quiet. I can't hear mine more than a few inches away. If you
can hear its fan from the listening chair, the noise is most likely caused by
reflection from the back wall. Or if you put the mini inside a cabinet, the
vibration may be causing resonance and thus fan noise is being amplified.

You could put some Vibrapods underneath the mini to stop the vibration from
transmitting to the cabinet and put a piece of sound absorbing foam behind the
mini to reduce the reflection.

Sidssp... yeah, I was thinking all that, and I think you're right...

I spotted some sound foam on the net and think I'll give it a try. It's called AcoustiPack¬ô ULTIMATE PC Soundproofing Kit...

anyone have any experience with it?

Seems inexpensive enough ~$50... just wonder if it works in the situation you describe.

:) listening,


Don't know much about the AcoustiPack, never use it. I don't think you need to
spend $50 for a piece of foam. I would try some packing foam first, or even a
thick cotton towel might work.
Go here and build one of these: Fanless, only noise is from harddrive: