Ideas for makeshift non-commercial amp stands?


I abandoned my audio rack some time ago. At one point, a room rearrangement dictated taking the system apart.. I became impatient after awhile while we decided what went where, and ended up temporarily hooking the system back up, with components sitting on the floor..

When I did this I was floored with the improvements in imaging and realism by not having the rack dead center on the front wall.

Ever since then, I've made rather crude little platforms to rest components safely on using extra MDF and various other gadgets -- some just to keep components directly off the floor, some with sandwiched combinations of materials and what not, etc...

Some nice commercial amp stands would be nice from a visual standpoint as well is for isolation, but at this point, for a handful of components, I'm not ready to spend the money that good single-component stands sell for....I'm looking to put that money towards other upgrades and room treatment.

Also, I live in an old home with hardwood floors that have quite a bit of bounce, best described as 'floating', and with some sections somewhat uneven.

What I'm looking to do is purchase or put together some makeshift amp/component stands that remain low to the ground, accomodate a single unit, and have a very considerable weight to them, to contend with the floors with bounce.

Anyone have any ideas, whether its using cheap furniture, products used for other uses but would work double duty, or relatively simply DIY? Truly looking for maximum weight possible in a low-height form factor.

I was tempted to build wooden amp stands and heavily, heavily fill the inside either with sand or concrete, or possibly look at a HomeDepot type place for huge rock slabs usually meant for a garden -- things of that nature.

Any idea for makeshift non-commercial amp/single-component stands with _significant_ weight, that remain low to the ground much appreciated.
Try some butcher blocks from IKEA. They are about 20”x16”x2.5” in dimension, weight about 24 lb each, made of maple, cost $25 each. They can be placed directly on the floor or on cones. I use them under my turn table.
Go to a place where they sell tile, marble and granite they usualy give you free samples. everytime I go there I get two pieces of
2'X 2' granite. Now I got more than enough to put all my components.
I have used 1" thick granite shelves for a number of years ... even on the floor with various cones underneath. I have also used a granite, soberthane, MDF sandwich (soberthane in between the two, with the MDF on the bottom.
Several months ago, I bought 2 maple blocks that are at least the size of the equipment and 2" thick. I set the maple block on sandwich pads made of ribbed hard rubber and cork. The pads are about 1 1/2" in all dimensions. Then I set the equipment on 2" solid brass cones on the maple block. The difference this combination made in the music picture is phenomenal! I think you ought to AB this against whatever else is out there ... you can't go wrong!