Ideas for long rca interconnect?

I need a great rca interconnect for a 25' run. My goal is to find a relatively thin (unobtrusive) and flexible run which will reslut in ZERO signal loss between my SET amps and horn speakers. I know Cardas' top cables are said to do this. Any other contenders?
If you would like to save money, and get great cables, I would suggest that you try the Silent Audio Apollo A.

I recently replaced all my cables with this rediculously cheap interconnect.
or email Daron at

He is great to deal with!

I'm not going to make a recommendation (I could, but I'm not.) Instead I'm going to give you what you asked for -- an idea! So, here's an idea: Don't buy anything unless you can try it first! -- and in the length you will need! or their sister site, has a program that facilitates try-before-you-buy. Yes you have to put a little money up front, which is credited against a future purchase, but you can get a few brands to make A-B comparisons, and even if you don't wind up buying your cable from them, the small amount of money you'll spend to make the right decision is well worth it. Let's face it, 25 feet of even the least expensive stuff is going to cost a few bucks. Make your first purchase the right purchase.
Thanks for your suugestions. Nsgarch: Great suggestion re fatwyre. I'll see what they have.
I would also recommend Nsgarch's reply. Spending a bit up front and getting a comparison and how a given cable reacts in your system is by far the best approach. It does take more time up front, however you are allowing yourself at least somewhat of an educated decision between a few options as to which you prefer. Also, after you chose one cable and decide what you like, you can call the Cable Company and describe what you liked, and what else you wish it had (if it didn't do something right) - they will then point you in another direction that is normally very sound advice. They also usually have most of the cables previously owned to send out to try. Good luck on the search.