Ideas for audio related jobs in Boulder/Denver?

Longtime audiophile looking to move to Boulder area and wonder if any audionuts out there have ideas about audio-related jobs to be found?
My background is writing and teaching rather than technical. I would consider sales work.
If there's not much going on jobwise, it would good to make contact with people anyway. Thanks folks!
Tom Schuman
Jeff Rowland Design Group is located in Colorado Springs.

Good luck. Great place to relocate to.
the front range corridor of colorado (ft. collins to colorado springs) is the home of numerous high end manufacturers. these include, in boulder: avalon acoustics, boulder amps, ps audio and ayre. in colorado springs, you have: Jeff rowland, dunlavy and green mountain audio. there are others i've momentarily forgotten. there are also numerous retail stores on the front range, tho most are in greater denver. don't really know about the current job market but i can tell you there are a LOT of job seekers here who are recent casualties of the telecom and high tech implosions. i'd suggest you look up the manufacturers on this site and use the internet yellow pages to hunt for retailers. you may also want to contact the colorado audio society, whose link can also be found here. best of luck in your pursuit. -kelly (from denver)
Not trying to put a damper on your parade but if you really enjoy Hi-Fi audio as a hobby don't do it for a living!! You will get burned out very quickly and loose your eager attitude towards it and in the end probably end up disliking audio because of the idiots behind the curtains whom just don't give a damn. But whatever happens to you I wish you the best of luck :-) Tim The Tire Guy
Thanks for the insights folks! Tireguy, sounds like you're speaking from experience and I will keep it in mind.