Ideas for a cartridge for a Breuer 8A tonearm

My tastes are jazz, female vocals, guitar ( acoustic ), some new age, not much
classical. My system is a Spectral amp and preamp with MIT cables.
The Breuer is on a Linn with the Boston Acoustic graphite mat ( BTW it is
great in the Linn ) . Speakers are Meadowlark Blue Herron.
Dear Drjoe: My Colibri put on any one on music heaven through my Sumiko MDC 800: a Breuer clone, a very good one.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul,I had the MDC-800 years ago.It was a fabulous arm!Personally I liked it better than the two SME-V's I had,afterwards.

You will need to special order the VdH for it to work on the Breuer. The Headshell fins will otherwise be in the way. You can order the light weight version the XCP or similar.

IIRC, the newest Breuer (8A) has a reshaped headshell that accommodates more cartridges. I belive those pesky fins are no longer in the way.

Thanks Doug,

Now I am tempted. I have room for one more arm. Anyplace to see a photo? I am thinking between the Triplanar Mk 8 & the Breuer then.
For those unaware,the "Audiocraft" is another apparently stunning arm,that will probably be a possible contender to those looking at,and liking the Breuer!It was reviewed,along with the Platine Verdier table a couple of years ago,in Hi-Fi Plus.The reviewer absolutely gave two thumbs up!!You can probably find it on some archives.

Hi Dgad

Didn't know there is now a MK 8 for the Tri-planar. Do you know what improvements have been made over the MK VII.

I don't know but was advised it is coming out this summer.
Globe Audio Mkt is the North American distributor. We have over 30 years expierience with hi-end analogue. Both Jody and Matt have the new Breuer and the original arm. Both are quite capable answering any questions regarding the Breuer arms and cartridges that will work with them.
call Globe at 905 522 5040