ideal tube for VTL mono 100 amp. monoblock

Any suggestions regarding the ideal tubes for this monoblock. I'm using right AEG EL34 tube on my amp.
The previous owner said he put that tube cause he wants classical music. I want more high and mid. My preamp is VTL 2.5 with 12AU7 Mullard.
Replace the Mullards with either NOS Siemens or Telefunken 12AU7's. British tubes typically have a softer, warmer coloration than German(way more transparent and extended, without any in-your-face glare or stridency). Amperex made some nice tubes that fill the middle ground.
The 12AU7 always is the culprit!

Try using the Amperex 7316 which is WAY more extended in the highs,or maybe a Syl. 5814,or a Tele 802S(expensive).
In some applications an E80CC may be used(draws more filament current,but sounds better).

The difference between Mullard and Tele was mentioned.
This is a relatively quick fix if you don't mind parting with the cash needed.
The infinitum, pegged it. Expose and exrtirpate them immediately. It is the the classic British hallmark- warm- richly colored That warmth and euphonic middbass boost makes them very desirable and the bestr choice So, just don't rid yourself of these Mullards too quickly.
The alternatives are too numerous to give a good accounting of. Nevertheless by rolling just the 12AU7s you will in all likelyhood find the sound you like. The Germans are clear as a bell. taught firm quick big sounding tubes. They are no doubt a great choice if you have inherited a vast fortune. Or like me just thought a few Telef..ECC802S lying around would be a good idea.
If you don't feel overly flush you can pick up all varieties of USA tube brands such as an RCA chrome getter, top not clear IMHO or the in terms of playing with various types like the 5814 by CBS etc.
You will know when you put the right one in very quickly.
My personal favorite is unfortunately expensive, but are clean resolving but more detailed that are not marching in lockstep with the Germans... These goe by the number 7316. All of the 7316 are Amperex Heerlen Holland tubes. By definition but labled many things Mazda, Mullard!, etc. Look for the CTL Delta ### codes. That is by far my favorite 12AU7. I like the longer plates, halo getter versions best They are usualy from around 1960. You won't be listening to a vastly different tube no matter which you choose. The 7316s spanned mid 50s to about 1970, long or short grey plate D or Halo getter. As a group they are fairly expensive however people manage to spend a great deal more on other tweaks that do nothing good to my ears. Best of all they last, so if you like them you got the and if you don't they hold value. I have been using a set for over 3 years on and off. The sound is highly resolved images well and very slightly mellow.
Still I would and did try the cheaper stuff first but avoid the thin scratch the blackboard cheap Chinese like the plague. The old Soviet block is a mixed bag but always sound "off" as if it was not a 12AU7 at all but something stronger and starker just not the a 12AU7 sonics.
Well you got some answers for your pre-amp tube - I wpn't take issue with Rodmans response if you can stand the price and the concept is sound. You might find a similar sound in new or recent production tubes, albeit not up to Rodmans standards.

However, you opened with a question about EL34's for your amp. I'm NOT familar with the tube you are using, but of the EL34's I have used over the years, I found the Tesla E34L to have all of the mid-range clarity and high frequency extension I wanted (sometimes even a tad too much FOR ME). And they were highly regarded by many. I'm not sure if this is similar in the new JJ's - I've not heard them.

Another thing: If your power amp has user adjustable bias- Check that and confirm that it is within spec. Low bias will result in an un-dynamic, recessed sound from an amp.