Ideal speakers for Cary SLI-80?

Wondering which pair of speakers make a good match for the character and output level of the Cary SLI-80 integrated amp?

Was considering a pair of Salk Veracity HT1's but have no idea if they're a good match here.
Also FWIW this is the "Signature" model with factory upgraded Jensen oil & copper caps. Tubes are as supplied by Cary.
I intend to run it in triode mode, so only 40 watts per channel. Most speakers I've looked at call for 50+ watts as a minimum in their specs.

Just want to make sure I don't buy something horribly wrong!
That amp has WAY more grunt than you might expect. I owned one for a year or so and loved it. I drove Revel F-30's in triode mode, no problem. Also drove Spendors and Gallo 3.1's with ease.

You'll love that amp.
The Salks need lots of power to perform their best. Having owned the SLI-80, I know it wouldn't be a good match.
I use the Merlin TSM-MMe's with mine and love them. I've also used the Tyler Acoustic Taylo monitors with great success. I actually prefer the amps 80w ultralinear mode. Be sure to experiment with both. Given the specs of the Salks, I would concur with Jburidan that they are not the best match for the Cary, especially if you're committed to running the amp in triode mode.
Look at the AudioKinesis Jazz Module or Dream Maker, or the T5 speakers from Classic Audio Reproductions.

Basically, what you need is a speaker with a sensitivity of 89+dB (or higher depending on your room size and listening volume), and a flat impedance curve that does not dip below 8 ohms. That's the basic formula for a good speaker match with any tube amp, and one with relatively low power.

The speakers from Merlin, Acoustic Zen, Devore Audio, Zu Audio, and Coincident also meet these requirements to a large degree.
silverline or coincident are a match made in heaven
silverline or coincident are a match made in heaven
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The specific Silverline model is important. I would not mate the Sonata III, which I own, with an 80wpc tube amp. I know Silverline suggests this it is possible, but my experience with two tube amps (VAC Standard 160 Musicbloc, Atma-Sphere M-60) was not as favorable as with solid state (Belles 150a Reference monoblocks, NuForce Ref9V2 SE, Bel Canto Ref1000, Pass Labs XA-30.5).
tvad, you're right. i should have been more specific to be truly helpful. i run coincident partial eclipse 2's & a buddy of mine runs silverline sonatina 3's w/the sli-80 & they're both great combos. i have no real world experience w/other models within those 2 brands.
Cruz123, I decided to go with the Taylo Reference from Tyler Acoustics. Brilliant product (and wow are they heavy!!). Also, Ty was very friendly and great to speak with. I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat.
Lupin, great choice. The only reason I switched to the Merlins was in hopes that their sealed design would better in my room, which they do. But, I will gladly own Tyler products again if my room situation changes. Enjoy!
Just another comment about using the Taylo Reference's with the SLI-80; there's WAY more power here than can be used. Even with SLI-80 in Triode mode, I have the volume dial only 1/4 up and it's more than enough to fill my 750 sq/ft living room (w/ 9 ft ceiling) with delicious music. At 1/3 volume it's so loud you have to shout to speak to someone whose right next to you. All this and it's in the 40w/ch triode mode. This amp has more than enough power to drive far "hungrier" speakers than the taylo's.

that said, I'm quite pleased with these taylo's, no plan to switch them out ANY time soon. :-) Just wanted to make the point that the SLI-80 could EASILY drive speakers that are much less sensitive.