Ideal speaker stands?

I just acquired a pair of Yamaha NS 10M speakers. I believe that they were treated as book shelf speakers in the mid 80's. Has anyone tried them on stands and gotten good results? What would be the ideal height or make (brand) of stands ideal for this type of speakers?
20-28" depending on your set up
Most typical is 24".

A.M.P. is easily the best, and best looking:
Look here:
I would have to say ideal stand height depends on the size of the speaker. You want to have the tweeter at ear level when seated. As stated above 24" is a pretty common size. I have been using Atacoma 24 SE stands. I think they are a steal as far as stands go. If you can find them grab 'em. I found mine on the web somewhere but I can't remember where. Good luck.