Ideal Setup?

I use to do A&R at Capitol and Atlantic Records and now manage a couple of acts from London,UK(point being I listen to music basically all day long) and am trying to put together a great warm sounding listening room. I've been doing some research online but would love to get some recommendations. I have about a 1k budget(for everything) and need speakers, a turn table, and I'm thinking a 1970's-ish receiver. I've read about the Fisher 500c and the Marantz models from that era as well as some ok chatter about the yamaha's and even some sansui's. I haven't really researched speakers much yet and the turntable I am leaning towards is a Rega but read a mixed bag. I would really appreciate some insight. Cheers all.
I have owned a Marantz receiver (2033 I think) and liked it alot. They go for b/t $100 to $300. Also look at NAD intergrated amps in your price range. Rega TT would be a great choice, maybe look for a used Systemdek TT. There are lots of speakers to consider. Vintage Klipsch Classic seriers (KG4 or others) can be found cheap, but consider you might have to ship. If shipping is a consideration, look for bookshelves as they are cheaper to ship--maybe from NHT. Cheers.
fischer receiver is a good choice with an older thorens table and grado 8 mr cartridge, if you can find it. as to speakers, given your budget, i would hesitate to recommend anything, unless you are willing to give up a lot of bass.
What would be ideal from a speaker standpoint without losing the bass? I could increase my budget a bit to do it right but not a ton.