ideal room size

Does anyone remember what the formula is for the ideal room size? Thanks!
This is the room dimension ratio (from memory), from Harley's book.

1.0(Height) x (1.9)Length x (1.4)Width
This is a complicated issue, there being no one "right" size. See F. Alton Everest's Master Handbook of Acoustics, 4th edition, or his Sound Studio Construction on a Budget.
Several versions of the "ideal" are given in one or the other of these books. Not just proportions count: the bigger the room, the better its resonant modes will be spaced, if the proportions are good. Reading Everest will teach you how to analyze a room yourself, and see how good it is and where its problems lie.
I have the book and have gone to various web models, but none of them talk about how to deal with the calculation for stadium seating. My 32'x15'8.5' room has 3 levels. At 15' it goes up 8" and at 21' it goes up another 8". I'd love to hear from someone that has a model that takes that geometry into consideration.
Check out this page. It has the golden ratios reported with high precision and pics of Winston MA's awesome room.

Great link. It never ceases to amaze me how audiophilia consistently redefines the term: "sky's the limit".