Ideal power cord lengths?

A quick Google search suggests there is consensus that the ideal power cord length is 2m.  1m cords sound “harsher” and 3m cords sound “smoother”, with 2m being the sweet spot.  The PS Audio dude suggests that the reason is that the reason is that all cords have an impact on the power, and the greater the length, the greater the impact, good or bad.

I know many will say there is no difference between a 1m cord and a 3m cord.  But my question is, who here has tried like model power cords of different lengths, and what were the differences?  

Second question:  How does length factor into the equation when you have a cord feeding a conditioner, then other cords feeding components?  If 2m cords are in fact the ideal, would 1m cords be ideal when using conditioners?

I tend to believe those that say that power cord lengths matter.  While I’ve not been able to do this test myself, I’ve had these two experiences:

  • Testing Audioquest Diamond and Nordost Valhalla 2 USB cables, the cables shorter than 1.5m sounded TERRIBLE by comparison.  Especially the .75m Audioquest Diamond vs the 1.5m version.  But the 1m Valhalla 2 also sounded awful in comparison to the 2m version.  In general this opened my eyes to how much cable length matters, and counterintuitively in the case of digital cables. 
  • I have a 2019 2m AudioQuest Hurricane Source cable from back when AQ braided their cables, and I also have the newer non-braided Hurricane Source, but 3m in length.  The new Hurricane sounds vastly superior to my old 2m Hurricane.  In comparison the older cord compresses the soundstage depth.  I don’t know if the differences are due to the differences in length, or if it’s due to a design change by Audioquest.

Very interested in learning of others experiences with power cord lengths.




@ghdprentice , good luck. If you can swing it, I do recommend the Firebird or Dragon cords. Hurricanes do sound very good as well, but I find there is more air and more of a 3D presentation of instruments and vocals with the higher end cords. That said, I found no other differences other than that between the highest two cords and the Hurricanes.

I’ll ask my dealer for some demo cords, but I try not to do this unless I intend to buy. I doubt they will agree, as in the past Audioquest has had to manufacture their higher end demo cords just so I could try them (which I ended up purchasing).



But I am getting older and have a greater interest in getting to the final system in my lifetime.

@ghdprentice Ha!  We can dream I suppose. 

Not done any real testing with cable length.

I remember many years ago that Steve from Empirical Audio saying that a USB cable needs to be either very short OR 1.5 meters or greater to avoid what I think I recall him saying as "reflections" on the cable. This correlates with what the OP was experiencing with USB as well.

Also I seem to recall that the prior head guy at Nordost said that power cables were best at 4M. Seems to jive with what @ghdprentice was saying above. Me, I'd rather keep them about the length needed so I don't have a rats nest of cables behind my equipment and that makes it much easier to dress them and keep them apart as much as possible.

It would be a fun exercise to experiment, but most of us don't have the $$ needed to buy two of every cable to do the experimentation. Just my thoughts.

4 meter PCs from Nordost will definitely optimize profits for Nordost.  Not sure about the sound though.