Ideal Complete System for $5000

If you had $5000 for a system (5.1 Speakers, pre/pro/receiver, amplifier) that you would use for watching movies (60%) and enjoying music (40%), what will you get?
I like B&W and was all set to get 803S/HTM-3S, Velodyne and Rotel based system - but some other stuff has taken priority and will not be able to get something like that for another 4-5 yrs.
Until then what would be the best system you can set up for about 5K?
Paradigm Special Edition 5.1 system: $3194.00 (Retail price)
Denon AVR-4310CI: $1209.98 (Internet price)
Oppo BDP-83: $499.00 (Manufacturer direct price)

I have heard and seen this system and thought it punched way above its weight. Guaranteed to please.

If you don't need the BDP, you save $500 - spend it on some decent budget wires, shipping and sales tax if necessary.
My personal suggestion would be for a speaker system from Epos or Silverline Audio. A pair of Silverline Preludes up front ($1200), a pair of Minuets for surrounds ($600) and either a Minuet ($300) or Silverline's LCR center ($600). An Outlaw Audio LFM-1 EX subwoofer ($650) for a sub. An Epos system would include the M16i towers ($2000), ELS3 center ($350) and ELS8 monitor for surrounds ($500), running you about $500 more than the Silverlines. I would go for separates with the $3K you have left: Emotiva Audio has a $700 pre/pro with all the new audio formats, and a 5 channel amp, rated at 200 watts per channel, for $800 (!). The Silverline option would leave you some money for a BD player (the Oppo is a great idea, and is upgradable in the future), cabling and a decent power filter/surge suppressor (I like the PS Audio Quintet, usually priced at $350). IMHO, either system would be as good, although different, than the B&W/Rotel/Velodyne system you mentioned.
Five Quad 12l active monitors for $1650 and a good $1000 subwoofer(or a pair of $500s). Then get a top notch pre pro that is a couple years old and some mogami XLR cables from eBay.

Use the rest of the money for a vacation.
AV123 is offering a deal on a pair of X-Statiks and once X-Voce Center Channel for $999. Add a second pair of X-Statik's for $499. Get the Oppo mentioned above. That leaves $3000 for all the rest, including sub, pre-pro, cables, and the vacation Robr45 referred to.
I'm sure AV123 is offering some great deals in lieu of the problems the owner is having.