Ideal cartridge for JVC QL-Y55F

I'm simply wondering if any of you have ever had experience with this 'table, and have thoughts as to what cart. might work well with it.

I've heard that the Koestu's work quite well with direct-drive 'tables, but would like to get a broader range of options.

Thanks guys.
I meant to add that what is currently on their is an Ortofon VMS 30 MkII.

I think is sounds great, but there's just not enough midrange. The sound is like a valley, however I don't want to get all hilly with it, but a plain could be good, or maybe just a dip.

See where I'm coming from. This is where I figured that the mids the Koetsus are famous for would come into play.

Again, let me know what you guys' thoughts are.

I had the JVC QLY5F for a number of years. I had a Shure Type V-MR or a designation real close to that and a high output Ortofon Moving Coil in it. I enjoyed both cartridges with a preference for for the Ort. The Shure would sail through the Telarc 1812 and track anything and was a great all-rounder. The ort had more a "whole cloth" kind of presentation that was more musical to me.

I have never had the pleasure of a Koetsu audition and I think that you could hardly go wrong with one but that is based on rep alone and you really need saddle time to see if that is the case. Check with JVC to see if compliance, mass, and other factors make the cartridge a good match for the arm. If they say it matches, hell, I would go for it in a microsecond.

Have fun!