ideal amps for JM Lab Utopia system

I listen to classical music.My current system consists of JM lab Utopia main,center and side speakers, and a Rel stadium III. Cello pallete equalizer, meridian 568 processor,and 508.24 cd player, two Classe 201 for the center and main and Classe 150 for sides.The Classe amps were satisfactory for the ML Prodigies but are somewhat lacking for the JM Labs. I am interested in inputs on solid state amps.I am too old to mess around with tubes.The system is in my bedroom with a volume of approximately 3500 cubic ft.
ramy: nice bedroom! i don't know what your budget might be but it seems not too restrictive. i'd look at one or two jeff rowland model 6's. these can be configured from monoblocks to 6-channel output. or, if you really want the best-of-the-best, you might try boulder 2060's and 1060's; you'd never run out of gorgeous, melodic, pure class a power. yummm. -cfb
i know they sound really really good on the lamm 1.1s. They really blew me away. They are expensive and are hybrid amps. I'm not sure how much tube hastle there is with them. Everytime i hear some of the best sounding systems the Lamms are always near by.
what do you mean to old for tubes? utopias love tubes. i run mine 24/7 . i guess if you really do not want to use tubes . i agree with cornfedboy, on the jeff rowland. gryphon , and burmeister maybe as well. i still say tubes are best though. good luck in your quest. the utopias are great speakers.
Dear Sir,

If you don't want to get tubes but like a tube sound you should concider listening to Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks they are tube like sound but also better for bottom and top end and 600W a side, with very mininal disturtion.
You will enjoy them.
buy duet 350s they are great, I've got 2 bridged in mono to do biamp on ML Request there is no need for great power and only the performance II will outperform it, I would even put duet everywhere for the home cinema if I had the space...
But I can't, no offence you've got a great system, superb loudspeakers but classe Amps are not transparent and precise enough for the utopias, nice for surround though...

Trust me get a 2 duets 350s and bridge them, it would kill any krell, Mark levison or anything that I've heard any day

my 2c if it's worth it!

PS: you are lucky to have a palette I'm looking for one now, it is a joy to use particularly when it is required -:)
Utopias driven by Audio Research Ref two + Ref 600 were the best system I heard. But with 66 tubes, I a not sure they have a chance with you ...
You might want to consider the Belles Power Modules 350A monos. They will give you the power, performance and reliability that you're looking for. Backed up by a wonderful manufacturer who is accessible.Read a great review of the 350A at
Good luck!

I suggest a listen to Simaudio amps e.g. W-5, W-6 or W-10. I have heard the Utopias with the Simaudio Titan multi-channel amp, which is very similar to the others mentioned, and it was a nice match indeed. With that said, I must agree with the others who believe the Utopias love tubes. If maintenance is a driving concern, then I would point to VAC (Valve Amplification Company). They do not stress the tubes they use, and get great sound for up to 5000 hours a clip. Biasing is simple, and infrequent. Give their president, Kevin Hayes, a call or drop him some email at He may assuage your concerns and get you better sound than any SS amp I have heard.

Good luck with whatever you decide.