Idea of value of a Micro Seiko turntable

I have a Micro Seico BL 91 turntable. The tone arm is an MA 505, I believe. (The only one I have been able to find on e-bay is a MA 505S which apparently has silver wire. I don't know if mine does or not.)I also have a copper platter and a disc stabilizer. All are in near perfect condition. The plastic cover shows no sign of wear, nor does the turntable itself. I have seen equipment similar to this for sale on e-bay but I never see exactly what I have. Can anyone give me an idea of the value of this system, please? We are downsizing and some of my favorite stuff may have to go. Thanks for any information you can provide.

I think about $1500 + or - . Wish I had the cash to take it off your hands! I wonder what tt you listen to that is better...