IDAGIO the best sounding streaming service

I have had the opportunity to listen to Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and IDAGIO, a classical music service.
 I’ve heard all of the four in CD quality resolution, and IDAGIO for some reason seems to have the best sonic presentation.  Admittedly, IDAGIO only does classical, but in side by side comparisons with the same tracks, they have the best quality sound.
 They don’t do hi res, but even the hi res presentation on Qobuz doesn’t sound as good as IDAGIO’s CD quality on my setup.
Before you question the quality of my setup, listen and compare yourself.
You can get a free trial with them.
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Quobuz is still in Beta for us mere mortals....
Hmm, I did a free month of IDAGIO and I was distinctly unimpressed m feeling that it was much inferior to the departed Classics On Line.  Also, it’s catalog is very thin
Catalog very thin? 
I don’t see that.