Idagio and Primephonic

I recently upgraded my SACD player, part of which included the addition of a USB port.  I'm new to streaming, and really only want to stream classical music.  Both Idagio and Primephonic interest me, and listening to the free trial of Idagio sounds quite good, especially with the exclusive recordings from concerts by the VPO.  Any users out there with thoughts as to which service they prefer?  Is the hi-rez option of Primephonic worth it over Idagio's CD quality (my player can convert up to 24/192)?
First of all, I have only used Primephonic. 
In terms of audio quality, while most of Primephonic’s 3.5 million recordings are 16 bit/48 kHz, there are many that are 24/96 and some that are 24/192. Of course a new 21st century recording is more likely to be 24/192 than a remaster of a recording from the 1960s. 
Probably the best part of Primephonic is that they are constantly improving their service. They are expanding their catalogue on a daily basis, and they regularly update their apps. 
Thanks for your input.  I may try both for a while--Idagio has some nice exclusives (with the VPO, for example) that may make it worthwhile.  Both seem like excellent sites, from the limited time I have had with them.
@rcprince No problem! I would be interested to hear your thoughts between the two.

Basically they both are classical streaming services with CD quality and certain unique “upgrades”. I.e., Primephonic has a large selection of Hi-Rez and claims to have the largest classical catalogue, but I’m sure that Idagio has benefits that I don’t know about.             
My (first) 12-month subscription to Primephonic is ending in ~2 months, so I’m trying to decide if I will renew it or not. I have been impressed with their service, but I may also check out some free trials before I renew.
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