Idagio and Primephonic

I recently upgraded my SACD player, part of which included the addition of a USB port.  I'm new to streaming, and really only want to stream classical music.  Both Idagio and Primephonic interest me, and listening to the free trial of Idagio sounds quite good, especially with the exclusive recordings from concerts by the VPO.  Any users out there with thoughts as to which service they prefer?  Is the hi-rez option of Primephonic worth it over Idagio's CD quality (my player can convert up to 24/192)?

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Thanks for your input.  I may try both for a while--Idagio has some nice exclusives (with the VPO, for example) that may make it worthwhile.  Both seem like excellent sites, from the limited time I have had with them.
I will let you know.  Right now in the trial period I like them both, Primephonic for the large catalog and hi-rez capability and Idagio for their exclusive recordings from the VPO and other orchestras.  Both are easy to use and very helpful when you contact them.
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