ID these vintage JBL speakers?

The parts are easy, All JBL:

LX8 Crossovers
LE14A Woofers
LE20 Tweeters (8 ohm)

Grilles are removed in storage in great condition. They are just the multicolored cloth, no exterior wood trim.

I assume they're worth the parts. Probably better to part them out on eBay, or would Agon be beter for pricing? The cabinets may even be homebrew, as I can't find anything on them and the port is rectangular and I can't find those on a Google image search either.

One of the crossovers is missing the wee plastic cap and spring on the negative input post.

Everything works fine, and they sound pretty good. Pretty sure the woofers have been repaired at one point.

Photo here, sorry about the sidewaysocity: