ID ing your Records

Recently my garage got broken into and i had about 500 records in various crates. They got stolen, but if i find my records say on ebay or a record shop how could i prove they were mine.

I dont like writing on my records or labels, but i was thinking of buying some UV pens that i could write on my records with.

Has any body tried any solutions to this problem?

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buy off ebay, read his return address, take 45 drive there and rectify situation.
Wow! I like your solution. Theft is the downside of hard media. I regret my collection and worry about it a lot. Wish I'd been born in the "streaming generation" If I could sell my media for 1/2 what I paid, I do it in a heartbeat. Youngsters don't know that when CDs were hitting the market (80s & 90s), they typically cost $18-$20 dollars.
Open the record cover (record removed), so it is shaped like so: ()

Stick your hand in, with a short marker (small sharpie marker) and put your name or some identifying mark. Make it so it is at least half way into the record cover, so that someone really, really has to be searching for these marks, in order to find them.

Alternatively, a box of small printable labels from the local paper shop. Put them in, all the way to the back. This may catch on the record so go for putting them in the back corners, where the record will never approach.

I used to do ’sneaky marking’ of my textbooks for college/university, as the prices were so high, they’d get stolen.

Imagine the mayhem when I catch the guy with my stolen textbook, right in the class. Happened more than once.

In reality, I kept it calm and cool, as we’re looking at a 2-3-4 year run with the same folks in the classes. Nobody’s got time for anger and angst that lasts that long. Take the high road.  Of course they needed the textbook as much as I did. So we photocopied sections as the classes moved along through the text. When enough people dropped out, they got the text for cheap. Fixed, no fuss. Might even make a friend.

I'd forgotten about all that stuff way back when.

However, I can sympathize abut the records. One time I had a brand new stereo stolen (break in) the day after I bought it. I had no money, going to school working full time..scraped that money together to buy some separates....and..well...
any insurance?
that helps sometimes to compensate.
you can even itemize lost items (pick original releases for sweetening the deal)
Hi czarivey,

yes i will have to catalog my albums in future. my insurance though is a problem as they only replace with new items. I will have to insure for money so i can buy replacements.

Discogs seems to have the largest selection listed of old & new albums