ICs for Linn Akurate DS & Musical Fidelity A5

Hi Guys

Looking to upgrade my $59 cable talk Interconnects ive had for a number of years.. Any suggestions? Budget would be $350 USD

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I should note im using JM Lab Electra BE speakers...
HI dastrix

Linn silver Ic´s you have to spend significal more to find somthing better, and since linn proberly uses the silvers for voicing i would almost say a must with your DS.

By the way have do you like the ds, isiriously considder getting one ?

Thanks tda2200 - I receive the unit on Friday before I decide if im buying it or not. Extended home demo. I listened to it for a few hours 2 weeks ago and was very very impressed!

Its very expensive, alot more than any other component I've ever owned.

Ill look into the Linn Silver IC - alot of people have suggested the Kimber Kable Select Silver IC's
Hi dastrix.

Im personally not to found of silver cables the are very colourating and have a unnatural way of presending the treble and in my experince be very ear tireing.
Hard to explain but the sound gives me headace, and even with a analog sounding ss player as the akurate the jm labs might pick up the ear ringing sound of silvers cables

It can be a good thing with tube gear but with SS diffently go with cobber.

In my system unidisk sc /klimax solos sonus faber cremonas the silvers work perfectly havever i use kimber 8tc speakers cables wich are my favorit speker cable.

Kimber select 1020 the all cobber version migt be great for your Jm labs.