Icon Audio or PrimaLuna?

Gentlemen I am new to tube amps, and wondered which would be your choice and why.
I would just like to say thanks to you for all of that valuable information. You certainly went above and beyond in kindness, which is another reason I love this hobby so much. 

At the risk of sounding corny,

People such as yourself have such a passion for this hobby that you (and we) almost can’t help ourselves from telling another all of the information gathered throughout the years. 

Thank you so so very much, Al!

- Nick 
Thanks for the very nice words, Nick.

When I respond to a question I try to focus as much as possible on the specifics of the questioner’s situation, and sometimes that necessitates getting into considerable detail.  In the process, I sometimes learn things myself.

Thanks again. Best regards,

-- Al
Can't thank you all enough, great response to my question.
I can’t say anything about PL as I have never owned any of their products.

I have had several IA components over the last 5 years.  Stereo 40 Integrated and PS1 Phono Pre most recently.  My experience with IA has been very positive.  Zero issues, great support from the people at Icon (my first venture into tube gear so I had lots of questions), sound quality that exceeded my expectation and beautiful build.    The bias adjustments on the Stereo 40 were extremely easy and quick so for me the auto bias feature didn’t sway my decision.  I’m not a rapid fire tube swapper either.  

If you have the ability, I’d suggest that you demo both in your home.  My purchases were from Music Direct which does offer a 30 or 60 day in home demo.  Needless to say, none of the IA stuff went back.  
I have a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premier HP amp and couldn't be happier with it, driving either Focal Utopia Diablo III's or Joseph Audio Pulsars.  It has fantastic soundstage and imaging, and is probably the most hassle-free way to own a tube amp, with auto-biasing, tube failure indicator lights, and a host of other great features such as point to point wiring.  Hits way above its price point and if you really want to go nuts, buy two and switch to mono and get 140 watts per channel!