Icon Audio

I'm looking to purchase a new expensive tube  preamp and have narrowed the  choices to:
PrimaLuna EVO 200, I think this is the new version of their Prologue preamp
Rogue RP1
Icon Audio LA4 MK 111

There a tons of reviews on PL and Rogue, but almost no US reviews that I  can find on Icon Audio products. I checked out their website  they are based in the UK, and have received good reviews in the UK magazines

Icon Audio like PL, sourced in the West, but built in China ( not an issue with me )

The build quality on the Icon looks substantial and it can be purchased online in the US.

Anyone out there with an Icon Audio product and your thoughts about it.


Have you looked at Decware yet. I have talked with Steve and like what he is producing and he is in the USA in the Chicago area