Ice Block Amps

I just purchased and received 2 mono block, Ice Block amps from Seymour Audio. I'm a Cary tube person so this was a stretch for me. Running these through my Cary SLP-05 preamp was just unbelievable. The sound, build quality and price blows me away. I've done lots of SS and tube but this one is unbelievable. I'm not connected to these people in any way.
Initial first impressions are like that with dig amps,see how it is a few months down the road.
I am going on my second pair of Class D mono amps. I love them too. They are great with a tube preamp. I've had my first pair for over a year. I sold them to build some newer technological ones. Ive gone through the tube and solid state amps as well.

Just to clarify class D and T amps are not digital amps, but switching amps.
I looked up your B&O amp, and was pleased they chose the analog power supply option module. I am happy you love it, and am not surprised in the slightest. You will love it even more after a couple hundred hours.
Good advice,
I think sometimes a new sound is good just because it is different than what you are used to. Evaluate with time.
From my experience, matchining a good tube preamp with better class D amps produces the 'best' sound, imho....when you are using a class D amp.
I have found my Audionote DAC tubes make it through to my speakers untouched. I am using the Fire preamp. It is a class A SS preamp, but you wouldn't know it is even there. My system requires the added boost from the Fire preamp. Running a class D directly with a good tube DAC, preferably NOS, might do the trick on less demanding speakers.
I have been on the fence as to which company is the best,most musical in the class D amps,trying to decide between nuforce,canto,wyred for sound,or any other suggestions would be a great help before I spend my money.......have tubed pre going to stacked chorus 1s and 2s.....please help with some suggestions and are you happy with them,my other option is to go mac.......thankyou
Have you checked into the Dolan Mono -1 monoblocks.
Neptunebchdawg, check out the ice blocks from Seymour AV. They sound great through my Cary tube Pre. He will let you audition for 30 days and if you don't like them, send them back. I was very surprised
I'm considering the Wyreds for a pair of Gallo 3.1s at the moment... Between that and a McIntosh SS...
Check out what Dan Wright of Modwright has to say about the Wyred Amps. Seems like an extreme value.
Have Dan Wright equiptment, he knows his stuff.
heres a guy who clearly makes good stuff,but what i dont get and i havent heard dig amps in a couple years,but is wyred for sound that much better then the others,for me if I try them again it'll be that brand.About the only ones with a decent price.
I listened to a Sony 999 fully modified by Modright including the addition of tubes. My Audio Note DAC creamed that CD player so bad, the owner went out and bought an expensive AMR CD 77.
>>02-06-09: Coffeey heres a guy who clearly makes good stuff,but what i dont get and i havent heard dig amps in a couple years<<

You seeem to confuse Class D and digital amps here and in other threads.

Maybe a little homework is in order.
i run red dragon leviathons with dali hellicon 400 mk2 and just inserted a dodd battery preamp into system, ...result..synergy is bliss.