Ice Block Amps

I've been reading about the new Ice Block Amps from Seymour AV. Efficiency is unreal. Has anyone heard these? Wonder how they would pair with my Cary SLP05? I don't see any reviews.
Have not tried the ICE Blocks yet. The Seymour AV web page describing them is at:
The devices are attractively priced, but not having heard them, I can't even guess at their sound.
Jeff Rowland uses ICE-POWER in some of his designs. I'm using a new set of 501s and they are pretty amazing. This is especially true given their small size.
I guess I'm outta tune with this latest tech. What exactly is ICE Power?
For general information on ICEpower technology, see:
I have a pair of ice-based mono-block amps and completely love them. They are not as magical in the midrange as my 300B SET amp but more than make up for it in the extremes (where the 300B SET doesn't do quite as well). If I had to choose between the two, for me, I would keep my ice-based mono-block amps.
Vman71, which manufacturers and models are your ICE and 300B amps? Can you tell us more about their relative strengths and weaknesses? G.
My ice-based mono-block amps are Audio Magic model 250's that are very tweaked and upgraded. My 300B SET is a John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B with all Webster OPT iron.

My JH 300B SET - strenghts are a heavenly midrange, clarity, air, imaging and layering/depth; weakness are at the extremes (where most low watt SET's are challenged)

My custom AM model 250's - strenghts are everything, they are just the best amps I've heard; weakness is a strong second to the heavenly midrange of my JH 300B (but still excellent)