Ice Age Audio?

I tried to search the archives, but any posts related to this company have been deleted, hmmmmmm.....

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with Ice Age Audio power cords? They certainly seem to be quite a bargain.


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I will be dumping all my Purist Dominus Diamond  power cords to buy these.
Not everyone has your deep pockets, ebm.........

Check out PC’s from Audio Envy. I am using a full loom and couldn’t be any happier. They got me off the cable merry- go-round.
Sorry i do have very deep pockets its great.
I remember someone stating here that the cords he purchased were wired incorrectly. 

See this thread and Ice Age Audio's response.

They look well made and reasonably priced.
Give them a try!
I had one all copper 4 footer, having paid a little under $100. I couldn't find its right place in my 2 systems, so I gave it to my friend. He is happy to use it to power his CD player. It is all synergy/matching and you wouldn't know for sure till you try yourself in your own system. And that is my experience in general about cables.
I used one for a Marantz power amp. The cable was great and well made and extremely reasonable in cost. 
Bought one of their Power Cables years ago. Does an ok job on the CD Players and Pre-Amps I've tried it on. Certainly an improvement over a junk kettle Cord.