IC : Z-Squared Au/Au Gold Alloy

Has anybody had experience with this manufacturer and/or the Gold Alloy IC cable. The manufacturer claims that they are amongst the best available or your money back. I intend to use them in XLR balanced configuration. Your views would be greatly appreciated.
Ive used them and though they were pretty good, very close in my system to Stealth PGS.
Do a search on Z squared. You just missed a very nice thread on them. I own three sets, but I prefer the XLO cables available at www.fatwyre.com
They are actually very good. Surprising really. I have many, many cables. At first they sound thin , but I also own a Cable cooker and cooked them for a couple of days .
They compare pretty good to $1000 cables .
I have the Au/Au cable, and it is outstanding. They are a bit thin at first, sort of edgy sounding. But when they break in, you just hear the music. They are revealing, detailed, fast, and fluid.
How long is break in ? THanks.
Give them at least 50 hours, I'd say.
If you want an exact figure, ask them at