IC wire connections

HI all,

I very recently have mentioned the ECA (electrical conducting adhesives) connection approach. I have been doing quite a bit of reading on this subject, including white papers by distinguished experts in the field of electron transmission and ECAs. The conclusions all basically say or strongly imply that, crimp or solder, connections will become techniques of the past for many applications. Some ECAs contain more than 45% pure silver, in pure silicone or epoxy, providing outstanding electron transmission.

However, I just had a thought on connecting IC wires without any RCAs or ECAs.
The signal wire would be inserted into a PTFE rod, much like an RCA center pin, drilled centrally for the wire size. The inserted wire would be, bent over the tip of the rod and, run down the rod O.D. This assembly would be a sung fit in the central opening of the female connector.

The return wire would be secured to the female connector O.D with and O ring. I am presently looking at PTFE, FEP and AFLAS O rings. The wires would be easily removable, have the desired single point contact, and reapplication would be very easy. This would be great for my home setups because it’s been at least 10 years since I added a component (Audible Illusion M3A). It is rare that I swap out components or move them to different locations. All thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

Cold welded high pressure crimping is the best connection IMO since it literally joining the two metals together. ECA's might have poor sonics due to the compound material. Even solder can have these issues.

If you swap components so infrequently, you might want to think about just soldering your ICs directly to the circuit boards. This way you will eliminate some solder joints (if your RCA jacks are connected to the circuit board with a piece of wire) and the connection you propose.